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SaferTech Description:We will see a little I m going to show you something else so in the cells we can put code but also we can put brand gives what we call brand gives here to put morning that I m going there so in the eu instead of codes I clicked him on mark gives then there is also a keyboard shortcut to do that faster we see here between and it disappeared we could the word enter so that means we dont is not sure of the code we are sure of a brand gives then what is the use of the brand gives it will help you to be able to write in your notebook here is as its name indicates a notebook is a hardware store a notebook so we will not just want to execute er dan s code at the bottom potentially also being able to write things it is very useful when we do.

Data analysis to be able to put notes on it remember things and then often the end will be to give our work to someone someone else so maybe a client maybe a colleague so it is very important to know how to use their data we can simply write text in them so here I am going to write very simple text simple text their the same I them execute here it gives me an output simply text but there is better here I am going to redo a cell gives me I can also put titles so the small ones just have to write a hash followed by a space the space is important and then I can m title then title 1 then if I put two diez it is a title that will also be displayed but a little smaller 3 diez the same one more title but still a little bit smaller is like that in fact it does a hierarchy e okay you may have the main title of your document then then the main parts and subtitles for each part of your document here is so if I execute this is what it gives me so not inside that.
I can put tech I can do a lot of things here what I show you in hand gives it is not at all exhaustive there are plenty of ways to write brand gives and format your notebook I will put you a link to allow you to practice with a mark in a more elaborate way in the description one last thing that I wanted to show you because it can be a little long each time having to write the names of the variables so for example my variable it can to take a little long to write it there is an autocompletion on jupiter I will show it to you right away so just copy and paste it a little code then that is it then I will do I will show you this code there so I will put it for you also in the description I wanted to copy paste it more simply rather than looking at my screen and trying to decipher this case on it in fact this is a small code that we will put once a good time for any gift you do at the beginning when you have just downloaded an anaconda jupiter notebook you run it here it will run after we do not have to leave it this cell the dance.
We dance we note book we will remove it so see here you can cut the cells select your ca will delete the same the buttons here cut copy paste it can be very practical and now that we have done the back completion will start by writing for example my variable and instead of going to the end we are going to press the tab key and that is when I press the sion key I have a choice so that means he gives me a choice so is what I write max is what I write map what i write my variable when i ls have organized this is what is selected and I select what I then here I will select my variable I click on enter and finally see it describe my variable in full with auto completion I save a little bit of time c it was he who wrote it to me in my place one thing I dont know that I wanted to show you is how to do an exploit because so this little file is well interpreted by jupiter notebook but if you want to send it to someone one you may want to make an exploit so that they can simply read it here we go to file in file then we can go to download has and there you have plenty of possible output formats so the very nice format that everyone can read it is the pdf sometimes it even happens it is quite often quite frequent according to him other brand.

Software Project Management it's Different

SaferTech Description:Hello. I'm Jennifer Whitt, Director of Project Welcome to our white board session today on why Software Project Management is different. No matter what industry you talk with, the Project Managers think in their industry software or any kind of Project Management is different. Well, there are some idiosycrasies depending upon what industry. But today we want to focus on the software Project Management. And there are four key areas that we want to look at today. But I want to give a reminder that for any project, their project deliverables where they're still business deliverables still a product or service deliverable in this case software and also project management deliverables.

They like creating. They have their own process and definitely the analyticals have a different one. So recognizing the type of resources that you have on your project so you can managethem differently. Number three are the constraints and the risk. There are, and usually on software development projects there are different types of software that are occurring at the same time. There are operating systems that the applications are built on, there's firmware, there's application software itself and these contingent are critical software components constantly have new releases, new versions of the software or any kind of bugs or bug fixes that you constantly have to monitor and track because you don't want to build your application software on like an old operating system.
So keeping that in mind, these are the key four areas related to the product or the software deliverables. So number one the Process Methodology. So still we have the project management life cycle or process management groups in project life cycle like the initiating, planning, the monitoring and controlling and indicating and the closing and here is the bottom part where the process methodology could be different. Because it depends upon the type of software development that's ocurring. Some depending upon the software development or software being generated there's the traditional waterfall method, there is rapid application development method as well as an iterative web development and there are many more. But in this area depending upon what software is being generated, depends upon what process methodology is used. So this is where the change occurs.
So it's the software development life cycle, the project management process groups and life cycle is still the same because remember, we are producing the project management deliverables here and the product are the software deliverables here. The second area are the resources. In this case, the human resources, specifically the software developers. Depending upon what type of software is being created, there are the creative types, the right brain people and the analytical, the more left brain. Because depending upon what type of software could be more of an engineering type or it could be graphic design but regardless we have the right brain and left brain resources on our project so we manage them differently because the creatives have to have a creative outlet.

Office 365 Backup Solutions Comparison

SaferTech Description:J'examine 5 scénarios de récupération courants dans lesquels vous pourriez avoir besoin d'une sauvegarde et j'explique ce qu'Office 365 peut faire pour vous. Ensuite, je vous donne mon avis, et la réponse de Microsoft.

As for me? I've got a backup. To see more content like this then check out one of these videos over here. Don't forget to let me know if you're backing up Office 365, and whether this video has changed or confirmed your opinion. If you liked this video, there'll be another one up in a couple of weeks' time; so don't forget to subscribe, and use the bell icon if you want to be notified. Thanks for watching, guys. See you next time!.
Data corruption isn't a planned change, so there'll be no copy made. Microsoft do actually take backups of SharePoint Online, but it's more for their purposes than yours. But, if you notice a problem and you get ticket in quickly enough they can restore back within the last 14 days. They can only restore an entire site collection. They can't restore individual files; but if you're really in a pinch that, might be useful to know. My thoughts then. Do you need to back up Office 365? Well, I can't tell you how much value to place on your data - that's up to you. What I will say, is that if you value the data you're putting in Office 365, then "yes" you should back it up. If you don't then you're accepting some level of risk that you might lose that data. Less so than with an on-premises environment, granted, but there is still risk. Office 365 provides some pretty decent data retention services.
These are not the same as data recovery services. All of that data is stored in the live environment. Replicas don't count either. By definition they replicate changes - good or bad. You need a separate, offline, point-in-time copy that you can recover from. That same argument works in reverse, by the way. A retention system is not a backup, and a backup is not a retention system. If I receive an email and delete it straight away, that's not going to show in a backup. If I change a file five times between backup windows, you're not going to see that version history in the backup. If you need to record all of the changes that happen, you need to use the retention options. It's about using the right tool for the job. As it stands there are several scenarios where your data could be unrecoverable without a backup, and that's why I think you should have one. If you're not convinced yet, let me try one last thing to persuade you. Let's look at the Microsoft Services Agreement. This is what you've agreed to by using Office 365.

Download Jupyter Notebook Anaconda

SaferTech Description: we are going to start with the most recent python version python 3.7 really was going well on that you click on download so you open the package and then not I let you download and install quietly anaconda normally if you follow the nursery rhymes carefully you always click on next you accept the general conditions it's almost in a few minutes the time it downloads so now that you've downloaded anaconda well we're going to open anaconda navigator so at this little icon the green one and when we open anaconda navigator we find ourselves on an interface I am offered to launch different software today I mainly showed you jupiter macbook but we will also use spider during the following tutorials so in the next tutorial videos I will also talk to you two environments we'll see that a little bit more in detail in the next videos so for now we're going to launch jupiter n'gbo so I press the lunch button grande punto bruises you see it launches a console for me is actually that's fine open directly automatically jupiter notebook when I open jupiter notebook I come across a pa ge of home.

which contains the root folder of my computer you see here I am really at the root of my computer so I will go to documents then tutorial since that is where I will store all the documents relating to the tutorials that I would do on my channel I advise you to really tidy up your files it is something that most people do not do because it is true that many people rather use the search function in the hard disk this search function was going to adapt when we always has very different file names but when programming we will have batches of fairly similar file folders between each project so suddenly it will be more complicated to find our way around in the tree structures so for my part I will first create an example folder in or how to create a folder we click the sweat muse and we go to folder folder that means folder then automatically it is not no mmé so we're really going to name it that teaches me things that we're going to do so we click here and we go to rina in and we're going to call it low for example I 'm going to call it tutorial jupiter here so I have I tend to name my folders well so that.
I can find myself easily I know easily what's in them you see I don't put any Espacejeux but never death not there I always put hunger scores instead of spaces I will explain to you why as the tutorials we do together on my channel progress it is also a fairly important aspect you will see that it can be quite problematic when we start to put spaces d accents special characters in the name of the folders in programming we really don't like that very much and quickly so here I am going to rename it we that's it after its new name so I'm going to click on it to go inside so here it is so flat all obvious and then I will create r a new python file so this time I don't have I do muse then python 3 okay and it will actually create a new jupiter notebook jarno notebook I will be able to write from in such a first thing I will name it or how young man then for example genomics example 0 1 here it will be his little name you see that if I go back to my tutorial folder jupiter I find the file example 0 1.
So I'm going to make a variable I 'm going make a text variable I'm going to say hello world here and so if I execute then either I click again on this button the choice I use a keyboard command then to use the command keyboard these entry options in any case on mac that's it I'll explain a little bit at the end of the video how to find the keyboard shortcuts for your computer so my variable so I entered 1 3 chips two entries two voices over there my variable so that means that here the code was executed that nothing came out since it was asked to display nothing but it did put hello world in my variable and so here I can check by doing a clint so print will be used to display and I will make my variable here I write it and I click on execute and here I have so the input 3 and an output hello world it displays me and the content the value of my variable so here we notice that the entry numbers follow each other well it is important we will see it in the next videos also it can cause you problems if this is not the case there are problems that you can have because simply the entry numbers are not the ones we would wait for example it happens if here I go back there on this entry number two and I click on execute you see that it changes the code it's my +12 3 may 1 4 3 well.

Download Kubectl

SaferTech Description: When you have large applications deployed with tens of thousands of containers that's that's not a practical approach so you can build your own scripts and and that will help you tackle these issues to some extent container orchestration is just a solution for that it is a solution that consists of a set of tools and scripts that can help host containers in a production environment.

Typically a container orchestration solution consists of multiple docker hosts that can host containers that way even if one fails the application is still accessible through the others the container orchestration solution easily allows you to deploy hundreds or thousands of instances of your application the single command this is a command used for docker swarm some orchestration solutions can help you automatically scale up the number of instances when users increase and scale down the number of instances when the demand decreases some solutions can even help you in automatically adding additional hosts.
To support the user load and not just clustering and scaling the container orchestration solutions also provide support for advanced networking between these containers across different hosts as well as load balancing user requests across different house they also provide support for sharing storage between the house as well as support for configuration management and security within the cluster there are multiple container orchestration solutions available today docker has docker swamp kubernetes from Google and mezzo mezz from patchy well docker swamp is really easy to set up and get started it lacks some of the advanced auto scaling features required for complex production grade applications mezzos on the other hand is quite difficult to set up and get started but supports many advanced features kubernetes arguably the most popular of it all is a bit difficult to set up and get started but provides a lot of options to customize deployments and has support for many different vendors kubernetes is now supported on all public cloud service providers like GCP azure and AWS.
And the kubernetes project is one of the top-ranked projects on github with docker you were able to run a single instance of an application using the docker CLI by running the docker run command which is great running an application has never been so easy before with kubernetes using the kubernetes CLI known as cube control you can run a thousand instance of the same application with a single command kubernetes can scale it up to 2,000 with another command kubernetes can be even configured to do this automatically so that instances and the infrastructure itself can scale up and down the user load kubernetes can upgrade these 2000 instances of the application in a rolling upgrade fashion one at a time with a single command if something goes wrong it can help you roll back these images will single command kubernetes can help you test new features of your application by only upgrading a percentage of these instances through a be testing methods the kubernetes open architecture provides support for many many different network and storage vendors any network or storage brand.

Office 365 Backup Tool

SaferTech Description: Microsoft/Office 365 est de plus en plus populaire, mais il n'est pas fourni avec une sauvegarde. Avec un nombre sans cesse croissant d'organisations qui perdent des données dans le cloud, avez-vous besoin de sauvegarder vous-même Office 365 ?.

Now as a side note, that's almost never the right thing to do, but unfortunately it's something a lot of admins jump to. You can enable retention for the mailboxes themselves, well that just adds an extra step for the admin to purge it. Now you can argue that's bad administration, and I would agree with you; but let's face facts. People make mistakes. If your data recovery plan relies on people having not made mistakes, then that is a bad plan. One option that sometimes gets touted as a potential solution to this problem is preservation lock. With that enabled, even your admins can't override or change your retention policies. Now that is a potentially dangerous option.
Once it's enabled you can't turn it off until the defined period of time has elapsed. Even if you want to. I'm not a lawyer so don't take this as legal advice, but there are a number of data privacy laws which might take issue with that. The European GDPR being one, potentially. It might not take kindly to being unable to delete certain types of data. So please use that option with caution. Certainly, I wouldn't advocate enabling it across the board. Now I've been focusing on the actions of your admins, but this problem extends beyond your admins, and beyond the admins at any of your support partners. I've seen Microsoft's own support team cause data loss. They accidentally wiped out two weeks worth of data at one of my customers.
To be fair to them they put their hands up, they apologized, and they provided compensation; but, they couldn't bring the data back. So retention policies: they're really useful if you want to preserve and locate data in your live system, but it's in your live system, and if you try to view it as a recovery solution, that is a major weakness. Our fourth scenario is malicious destruction of data. Now I don't think I need to spend a lot of time in this one. I've already explained a number of scenarios where you could lose data accidentally, so if someone wants to destroy the data on purpose they have options. The really scary scenario here is if one of your admin accounts was compromised, or if an admin went rogue for that matter. If that happens there's not a lot you can do.

Download Cartoon creators

SaferTech Description: Il devient très difficile pour nous de séparer réalité réelle et virtuelle, de sorte que les entreprises technologiques réalisent des milliards de dollars de bénéfices à chaque minute passée dans ce monde. En revanche, certaines entreprises fournissent les logiciels les plus coûteux. Bien que les logiciels libres existent partout, la plupart d’entre eux ne réalisent pas le grand succès des logiciels payants.

Dans la version précédente, nous avons créé des fichiers de cache de points pour notre robot zombie in face, puis nous les avons appliqués à une tête correspondante de Softimage dans cette vidéo. Nous allons continuer à partir de ce point.
Pour conduire uniquement la tête du zombie en utilisant le déformateur de la cage, nous allons commencer, lequel contient une tête et un corps séparés par des zombies. Les parties de la tête et du visage sont toutes dans le même modèle, les parties du visage étant les enfants de la tête, la tête, la tête. les pièces sont entraînées par des fichiers de paiement et la géométrie de corps est enveloppée ou découpée dans le squelette, car la hiérarchie des valeurs null contraindra la géométrie de la tête au cou. null dans cette hiérarchie du squelette. cette méthode est rapide à configurer et vous permet de mettre à jour les fichiers cache.
Nous avons présenté à cet effet deux manières d'utiliser cette tête pilotée par cache avec un personnage truqué dans Softimage, contraignez cette tête au corps sans tête des zombies ou utilisez-la. Les expressions faciales sont toujours les mêmes puisque l'objet principal est séparé du corps, cela peut créer des espaces entre les deux objets quand ils bougent ou pivotent. Vous pouvez corriger ce problème en réglant l'attente dans la zone du cou des objets la tête n'est pas encore enveloppée, faire en premier.

Autocad book download Software in laptop from Best Websites

SaferTech Description: SafeLink does not allow malicious software on the site. We test all submitted software products according to comprehensive criteria.

We all know that computers without software are only junk! Even the operating system is a program in the latter, without computer programs can not do anything, so the use of software with computers is what makes a computer a computer. We all invest the bulk of our time in the virtual world and in front of the computer. Because of the succession in the field of technology and software.
Ce logiciel de création assistée par ordinateur Télécharger AutoCAD (gratuit), Autocad est un logiciel de conception assistée par ordinateur touchant plusieurs domaines notamment l'architecture, Internet Download Manager, Télécharger AutoCAD Gratuitement, de une manière sécurisée et avec une garantie de 100%, download AutoCAD. Télécharger AutoCAD, Autodesk propose une nouvelle mouture d'AutoCAD dédiée aux ordinateurs Mac et disponible en français. Free Software for Students & Educators, Design and shape the world around you with AutoCAD software. ... Ask for help with download, installation, and activation of your educational software EDU ...
All products must present users OF The architects can create advanced layouts and concepts". A review by John. The usability of your computer ...AutoCAD - Download, AutoCAD, free and safe download. AutoCAD latest version: The industry standard CAD design package. the industry standard software in CAD. FREE AutoCAD for Mac or download free AutoCAD trials of specialized toolsets for architecture, engineering, electrical, MEP. ..Télécharger AutoCAD gratuit, Télécharger AutoCAD : utilisez le logiciel de CAO 2D/3D référence dans son domaine qui répondra à tous vos besoins.