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SaferTech Description:We will see a little I m going to show you something else so in the cells we can put code but also we can put brand gives what we call brand gives here to put morning that I m going there so in the eu instead of codes I clicked him on mark gives then there is also a keyboard shortcut to do that faster we see here between and it disappeared we could the word enter so that means we dont is not sure of the code we are sure of a brand gives then what is the use of the brand gives it will help you to be able to write in your notebook here is as its name indicates a notebook is a hardware store a notebook so we will not just want to execute er dan s code at the bottom potentially also being able to write things it is very useful when we do.

Data analysis to be able to put notes on it remember things and then often the end will be to give our work to someone someone else so maybe a client maybe a colleague so it is very important to know how to use their data we can simply write text in them so here I am going to write very simple text simple text their the same I them execute here it gives me an output simply text but there is better here I am going to redo a cell gives me I can also put titles so the small ones just have to write a hash followed by a space the space is important and then I can m title then title 1 then if I put two diez it is a title that will also be displayed but a little smaller 3 diez the same one more title but still a little bit smaller is like that in fact it does a hierarchy e okay you may have the main title of your document then then the main parts and subtitles for each part of your document here is so if I execute this is what it gives me so not inside that.
I can put tech I can do a lot of things here what I show you in hand gives it is not at all exhaustive there are plenty of ways to write brand gives and format your notebook I will put you a link to allow you to practice with a mark in a more elaborate way in the description one last thing that I wanted to show you because it can be a little long each time having to write the names of the variables so for example my variable it can to take a little long to write it there is an autocompletion on jupiter I will show it to you right away so just copy and paste it a little code then that is it then I will do I will show you this code there so I will put it for you also in the description I wanted to copy paste it more simply rather than looking at my screen and trying to decipher this case on it in fact this is a small code that we will put once a good time for any gift you do at the beginning when you have just downloaded an anaconda jupiter notebook you run it here it will run after we do not have to leave it this cell the dance.
We dance we note book we will remove it so see here you can cut the cells select your ca will delete the same the buttons here cut copy paste it can be very practical and now that we have done the back completion will start by writing for example my variable and instead of going to the end we are going to press the tab key and that is when I press the sion key I have a choice so that means he gives me a choice so is what I write max is what I write map what i write my variable when i ls have organized this is what is selected and I select what I then here I will select my variable I click on enter and finally see it describe my variable in full with auto completion I save a little bit of time c it was he who wrote it to me in my place one thing I dont know that I wanted to show you is how to do an exploit because so this little file is well interpreted by jupiter notebook but if you want to send it to someone one you may want to make an exploit so that they can simply read it here we go to file in file then we can go to download has and there you have plenty of possible output formats so the very nice format that everyone can read it is the pdf sometimes it even happens it is quite often quite frequent according to him other brand.

if you had your notebook in front of the places I advise you rather to export in html because there are much less problems with this format there a last point on the keyboard shortcuts in this video where we had some keyboard shortcuts if you are looking for all the keyboard shortcuts available for jupiter notebook it is very simple you have to go here there on helpe so on ed and then here you will click on keyboard shortcut and here you have access to all of your keyboard shortcuts I advise you to learn the main ones in any case the ones we use quite often because it will save you time you will see by using the keyboard shortcuts that you'll lose the world as much as with your mouse it's sometimes a little complicated to get used to at first but believe me game is well worth it a few minutes saved a day when it's your daily job it makes all the difference here are the shortcuts.
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I use the most be careful they can be a little different on windows and linux so take a good look at the page dead commands is this to keep but modifications escape f to search for a word in the page option entries to run the cell i'm in and place my cursor on the next one it's your turn now find a shortcut that will run the 'set of cells in your notebook obviously thrown show the tools commonly used by the dates to his list but there are many others depending on their rs habits the data scientist does not necessarily always use his hosts he personally in addition to jupiter I quite frequently use the at-on text editor which is open source i.e. it is free I have one customize a little bit over the years and I've had my work habits on it for a long time if you have more of this video I offer you 2 tabs on my channel and share it around you I'll meet you very soon to discover a new one google colada tool.
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