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Sofiotheque - Tips: it becomes really difficult for us to separate real and virtual reality, so technology companies are making billions of dollars in profits every minute they spend in this world. In contrast, there are companies that provide the most expensive software. Although free software is everywhere, most of them do not achieve the great success of paid software.
In the previous we created point cache files for our zombie in face robot and then applied them to a matching head on its parts in Softimage in this video we'll continue from this point and covered two ways in which you can use this cache driven head with a rigged character in Softimage either constrain this head to the zombies headless body or use it.
to drive only the head of the full zombie using the cage deformer we'll start which contains a zombies separated head and body the body head and face parts are all in the same model with the face parts as children of the head the head in its parts are driven by cash files and the Body Geometry is enveloped or skinned to the skeleton like hierarchy of nulls will constrain the head geometry to the neck null in this skeleton hierarchy this method is quick to set up and allows you to continue updating the cache files.

Facial expressions are still the same seeing as the head object is separate from the body it can lead to gaps between these two objects when they move or rotate you can address that by adjusting the waiting in the neck region of both the head and body objects the head isn't enveloped yet so we need to do that first.

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