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SaferTech Description: we are going to start with the most recent python version python 3.7 really was going well on that you click on download so you open the package and then not I let you download and install quietly anaconda normally if you follow the nursery rhymes carefully you always click on next you accept the general conditions it's almost in a few minutes the time it downloads so now that you've downloaded anaconda well we're going to open anaconda navigator so at this little icon the green one and when we open anaconda navigator we find ourselves on an interface I am offered to launch different software today I mainly showed you jupiter macbook but we will also use spider during the following tutorials so in the next tutorial videos I will also talk to you two environments we'll see that a little bit more in detail in the next videos so for now we're going to launch jupiter n'gbo so I press the lunch button grande punto bruises you see it launches a console for me is actually that's fine open directly automatically jupiter notebook when I open jupiter notebook I come across a pa ge of home.

which contains the root folder of my computer you see here I am really at the root of my computer so I will go to documents then tutorial since that is where I will store all the documents relating to the tutorials that I would do on my channel I advise you to really tidy up your files it is something that most people do not do because it is true that many people rather use the search function in the hard disk this search function was going to adapt when we always has very different file names but when programming we will have batches of fairly similar file folders between each project so suddenly it will be more complicated to find our way around in the tree structures so for my part I will first create an example folder in or how to create a folder we click the sweat muse and we go to folder folder that means folder then automatically it is not no mmé so we're really going to name it that teaches me things that we're going to do so we click here and we go to rina in and we're going to call it low for example I 'm going to call it tutorial jupiter here so I have I tend to name my folders well so that.
I can find myself easily I know easily what's in them you see I don't put any Espacejeux but never death not there I always put hunger scores instead of spaces I will explain to you why as the tutorials we do together on my channel progress it is also a fairly important aspect you will see that it can be quite problematic when we start to put spaces d accents special characters in the name of the folders in programming we really don't like that very much and quickly so here I am going to rename it we that's it after its new name so I'm going to click on it to go inside so here it is so flat all obvious and then I will create r a new python file so this time I don't have I do muse then python 3 okay and it will actually create a new jupiter notebook jarno notebook I will be able to write from in such a first thing I will name it or how young man then for example genomics example 0 1 here it will be his little name you see that if I go back to my tutorial folder jupiter I find the file example 0 1.
So I'm going to make a variable I 'm going make a text variable I'm going to say hello world here and so if I execute then either I click again on this button the choice I use a keyboard command then to use the command keyboard these entry options in any case on mac that's it I'll explain a little bit at the end of the video how to find the keyboard shortcuts for your computer so my variable so I entered 1 3 chips two entries two voices over there my variable so that means that here the code was executed that nothing came out since it was asked to display nothing but it did put hello world in my variable and so here I can check by doing a clint so print will be used to display and I will make my variable here I write it and I click on execute and here I have so the input 3 and an output hello world it displays me and the content the value of my variable so here we notice that the entry numbers follow each other well it is important we will see it in the next videos also it can cause you problems if this is not the case there are problems that you can have because simply the entry numbers are not the ones we would wait for example it happens if here I go back there on this entry number two and I click on execute you see that it changes the code it's my +12 3 may 1 4 3 well.

Have you ever heard of them fighting on you my channel on learning about the d'alsace alliance is not going to turn into snake breeding advice today i 'm going to talk to you about anaconda a platform which will allow you to save a lot of time by installing all the tools and libraries you need to start your apprenticeship das is a simple and quick solution accessible in one click once in thailand has installed we will take the opportunity to do an overview of jupiter notebook in order to be ready to use it when we start the tutorials on data analysis in python downloading anaconda will allow us to have all the necessary development tools and libraries to our advantage it's gone for the installation of this magic tool.
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After a quick search on google by typing the keyword anaconda I do not fall directly on the site of the anaconda so I click above once on the home page of the anaconda I will look for the small button at the top right marked in the aude so I will click on it and then I will see that in fact anaconda offers me to download two versions including a python 3 version or a python 2.7 version I have the choice of the platform me I am under mac os so it offers me directly to download the version for mac os but if you are under windows or under linux no worries you can click you select your platform and then you will have exactly the same installer as me here if I look see the same thing so the big question is will you choose python 3.7 or will we start on python 2.7 then indeed.
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